March 2020

It is amazing how fast this year is flying -- it's time to start thinking about your year-end report!

Take a few minutes to review the YE report think about all your Auxiliary did this year ......

  • INVITE -- How did you notify your members of dues renewals? How many times did you remind them? How did your Auxiliary promote membership? 
  • INCLUDE -- Did your Auxiliary Adopt-A-Member this year? Did you reach out to your members via Facebook, newsletters, etc. to let them know about what was going on in the Auxiliary?
  • INVEST -- Did you offer any Schools of Instruction within your Auxiliary? Did members either the District or Department Schools of Instruction?

All of these questions on the year-end report helps us to know how, as a working Auxiliary, you're reaching out to your members, including your members in activities and how you're investing in them. It lets us know what we, at the Department level can to to help our Auxiliaries stay healthy, happy and productive. Our Veterans need us, so we need to be in good working order!

And don't forget -- just because it's almost time to turn in YE reports, it's not closing time on recruiting new members, or reaching out to bring lapsed members back! Membership is a 24/7 gig -- please keep looking for ways to grow and strengthen your Auxiliary.

Let's always be "Reaching Out For Our Veterans", so we can "Serve our Veterans with Aloha".