December 2019

                                            INVITE INCLUDE INVEST 

                                   and just IMAGINE what can happen! 

Denise Beckler 

12 Wright Ave. 

Stratford, NJ 08084 

856-448-3501 (can text) 

The holidays are upon us and for a lot of us, Membership is the last thing on our minds – don’t let it be!!  The deadline is quickly approaching – December 31 is the last day to renew – if your members fail to do so, they will lose their membership.  Take a few minutes now to reach out to those you haven’t heard from yet.  Pick up that phone and call!  Better yet, pick up that phone and call and tell them you miss them at meetings!  Best yet, pick up that phone and call, tell them you miss them at meetings and ask them to come help with a future function!  Are you starting to get where I’m going with this…??? GET YOUR “ASK” IN GEAR and CALL THEM! (INVITE!) We have become a society that just doesn’t talk anymore and some of your members may need that 5 minutes of verbal contact to know they are wanted (INCLUDE), they are needed and not only may you get their dues renewed, but you may just get them to come back to a meeting, because they know someone cares about them (INVEST!).  So please, I challenge you to reach out personally, to those who haven’t renewed yet and spent a little time to find out why they’re not renewing and see if you can’t help them with whatever their current need is.  And be sure to invite them to your next meeting!

Speaking of holidays – what about giving a member a super special Christmas gift – a lifetime membership??  I have heard of a number of auxiliaries that do an annual drawing.  Member’s names go into a hat (and wouldn’t a Santa hat be perfect for the season ) and they draw one name out of it.  The name on the slip gets a lifetime membership purchased for them.  What a great surprise and special thank you for all the work they do for your auxiliary, by offering them a lifetime membership. And, if you do that just once a year, you’ll one day have a full auxiliary of lifetime members!  But what if your auxiliary treasury isn’t quite big enough for paying life dues?  Well, what about buying one person’s annual dues?  If you’re investing a bit of time to find out why you don’t have someone’s dues – it may be they are having financial hardship – then what better Christmas gift and thank you can you offer than to pay for their current year’s dues?  Much less expensive than a lifetime membership, but I promise it will make that member feel like they’re wanted and you can’t spread better Christmas cheer than that! 

I wish you all the most wonderful holiday season and thank you all for the hard work you’re 

doing and continue to do for our Veterans!  Just Imagine - Invite, Include and Invest! 

And please keep “Reaching Out For Our Veterans” and “Serve our Veterans with Aloha”

                                   MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM AWARDS 


      You must fill out official form and mail to National Headquarters by May 31, 2020 

               Dates of National award program is July 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020 

                               Red Plumeria Pin for 5 new and/or rejoined members. 

                               White Plumeria Pin for 10 new and/or rejoined members. 

                               Blue Plumeria Pin for 20 new and/or rejoined members. 

                           Plus a Special VFW National Auxiliary Member Drawing 

         Each VFW Auxiliary member who recruits five (5) new and/or joined members, your 

                                        name will be entered in a drawing for $300!   


  50/50 award: $50 to each Auxiliary that reaches 95% by November 30, 2019 and $50 to 

       each Auxiliary that reaches 100% Plus by January 31, 2020, based on the June 30, 

     2019 total membership numbers.  Your Auxiliary could win up to $100 from National! 


         $20 for Auxiliaries that reach 75% by August 31, 2019 – CONGRATS WINNERS! 

         $30 for Auxiliaries that reach 85% by September 30, 2019 – CONGRATS WINNERS! 

         $50 for Auxiliaries that reach 100% by December 31, 2019 

         $100 for Auxiliaries that reach 104% by March 15, 2020 

         Plus $50 for any District that reaches 100% by December 31, 2019 


     Fall Conference: 3 Drawings for Auxiliaries to win $50.00 each for 85% in Membership 

     Spring Conference: 3 Drawings for Auxiliaries to win $50 each for 100% Membership 

                    One District drawing for $100 – must be at 100% by April 30, 2020 

                       (District drawing to be held at Department Convention in June) 

                                 AND DON’T FORGET JUST ONE CARDS! 

           There will be one $25 drawing to the individual recruiter of new membership with 

    3 chances to win - drawings at Fall and Spring Conference and Department Convention!


                       Invite, Include & Invest - Imagine how great our Auxiliaries can be!