Meet The Candidates

Catherine Glen-Henkel

Catherine Glen-Henkel

District 15 -- Auxiliary 2290

Cathy joined Auxiliary 6701 in 1973 under the eligibility of then-husband.

She served as Auxiliary President. She also served as District 20 President, before transferring to Auxiliary 2290 and District 15. 

Auxiliary 2290

She served as Auxiliary President for several years. 

She also served VFWA 2290 as Patriotic Instructor; Assistant Membership Chairman; Community Service Chairman; Cancer Aid & Research Chairman; Hospital Chairman; President's Special Project Chairman; Military Assistance Program Chairman; Legislation Chairman and Investigating Committee. 

She is currently serving as Auxiliary Treasurer; VFW National Military Services Chairman; Cancer Chairman; Community Activities Chairman; Membership Chairman and Investigating Committee.

District 15

Cathy has served as District 15 President 10 times. She has also served as District Secretary 17 times. She is currently serving as District President; Cancer Chairman; Commanders/Presidents Project Chairman; Historian; Membership Chairman and Official Visit Chairman.

Department of New Jersey

She ascended through the chairs and served as Department President in 1996-97. 

She has served or is currently serving as : National Home Chairman; Hospital Coordinator 6 times; Community Service Chairman 2 times; Hospital Budget Chairman 2 times; All-American Auxiliary President's Contest Chairman 3 times; Convention Liaison 3 times; Chief of Staff for Edith Savacool 1986-87; Instutited 5 Auxiliaries, Co-Chaired 1 Auxiliary and is working on a new Auxiliary; Outstanding District Presidents Chairman 3 times; Voice of Democracy/Patriot's Pen Assistant; Parlimintarian 8 times; Instructor for District President's during School of Instruction; Served as a member on the Communication Center Committee several times; Served 6 times as Department Secretary; Served as Department Budget/Hospital Committee 6 times; Served as School of Instruction Chairman and Instructor for Secretaries 6 times; Served as Convention Secretary 2017-18; Presently serving as. Department Scholarship Chairman and Served as Department Dinner Chairman/Assistant Dinner Chairman 3 times.


She served as Eastern Conference Safety Chairman.

Ken Eith, Jr.

District 12 -- Auxiliary 8867

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Gloria Lisicki

District 8 -- Auxiliary 2314

Auxiliary 2314

Gloria is a lifelong member of Star Landing Pet. Nicholas Minue Auxiliary 2314 in Carteret. 

She served as Auxiliary President 8 times. She has held all positions and all chairmanships. She is currently serving as Auxiliary Secretary/Treasurer for the past 15 years.

District 8 (Middlesex County)

Gloria has served as District 8 President 3 times. She was the first President to serve a second term in the District. She was awarded Outstanding District President in 1994-95. She has held all offices and chairmanships.

She is currently serving and has been serving as District 8 Secretary for the last 20+ years.

Department of NJ

Gloria has held various chairmanships on the Department level. She served as Chief of Staff in 1993-94 to Department President Carol Brinkerhoff.


As you may know, Gloria is married to Past National Commander in Chief George Lisicki. She served as his personal secretary during his term.

She has also held various National appointments.