2019-20 Appointments

Historian/Media Relations/Photographer/Facebook Administer/Webmaster

Mary Ryan Sandman

Floor Work

Color Bearer #1 - Ken Eith Jr

Color Bearer #2 - Mary Dungan

Color Bearer #3 - Patricia Recasner

Color Bearer #4 - Adrienne Lawery

Flag Bearer - Dottie Reichwein

Banner Bearer - Camilla Albano

POW/MIA Flag Bearer - Ken Eith Jr


Arlene Stoop

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Assistant Conductress

Noreen Cannone

Assistant Guard

Marie DePietro

Catherine Burkhardt

All-American Auxiliary President's Contest

Dorothy Robinson


Carolyn Rovito


Chairman - Eloise "Ellie" Eith

Committee - Deborah McLendon

                        Elizabeth "Betty" Kitson

                         Iris Jean George

                        Alice Sandman


Rose Grieman

Buddy Poppy/National Home

Brenda Bailey

Budget/Hospital Budget

Chairman - Lori Cannon

Committee - Iris Jean George

                     Elizabeth "Betty" Kitson

                     Cecelia Watkins

                     Noreen Locacio

Communication Center/Directory

Chairman - Iris Jean George

Committee - Carmen Peterson

                       Kathy Marshall

                       Lori Cannon

Community Service Reporting

VFW Department Chairman

Department Convention

Liaison - Lori Cannon

Department President's Dinner

Chairman - Lori Cannon

Assistant - Iris Jean George, Karen Ellerman

Eastern Conference

Delegates - Iris Jean George

                    Carmen Peterson

                    Elizabeth Kitson

                    Cheryl Ann Stranahan

Alternates - Deborah McLendon

                Dorothy Robinson

           Alice Sandman


Cheryl Ann Stranahan 

Floor Work Instructor

Mary Bailey


Coordinator - Deborah McLendon

East Orange VA Rep - Mary Moses Hunter

Assistant - Helen Faison

Lyons VA Rep -  Lorraine Brooks

Menlo Park Rep - Helen Dennis

Assistant - Gail Smally

Paramus Rep - 

Vet Haven North Rep - Carolyn Smith

Vet Haven South Rep - Denise Beckler

Vineland Rep - Barbara Weiner


Theresa Andryszczak


Denise Beckler

National President's Official Visit

Chairman - Lori Cannon

Outstanding District President's Contest

Chairman - Anna Fox


Catherine Glen-Henkel

School Of Instruction

Chairman - Iris Jean George

Committee - Carmen S Peterson

                     Eloise Eith

                    Cheryl Ann Stranahan

                    Catherine Glen-Henkel

                    Karen Ellerman

VFW/VFWA Special Project

Cindy Malmo

Veterans and Family Support

Noreen Locacio

Youth Activities

Alice Sandman


Committee -- Line Officers