President's Message


March 2020

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May luck find you and keep you happy and healthy!

Just reminding you that Membership is still important to our Department. Try for that 1 or 2 more members and reach out to those who haven't paid yet. Check with them to see if everything is okay and if they need any assistance.

TRUSTEES: You have an important role in your Auxiliary and District, it is your job to see that the Treasurer's books are correct. Remember when you sign that Audit, you are saying EVERYTHING is correct. Remember when the Treasurer is not doing his/her job you can be guilty by association. So, remember when you sign that Audit, it is correct and NOT done by the Treasurer. They are NOT allowed to do this.

Our Spring Conference is just around the corner and I hope you will be attending. We let you know what is happening at National that will effect us and the Auxiliaries, so it good to be there. 

Let's remember our Veterans, it is still cold out there and we need to find warmth and food during those cold days and keep them in your prayers. Let them be your happy Shamrock.

Serve our Veterans with ALOHA as we Reach out to our Veterans in all ways.